Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rainbow scratch-off cards

Our store, The Pointy Pencil, not only accommodates those looking for high-quality, high-end products... it also accommodates those on a tight budget.

For instance, we just started carrying these rainbow scratch-off cards. Now some of you might be saying, "I've seen those before! That's nothing new!" But, have you seen them sold individually with shapes on them to color in?

For just 75 cents at The Pointy Pencil...
look what enjoyment you can provide a lucky student.

Okay, my daughter got carried away...
not only did she scratch off the puppy-dog,
she started writing words everywhere. :0)

I noticed also that these are the perfect size to use as a postcard. So, I'm going to have my daughter write a letter and send it off in the mail. What a special card for a grandma to receive!

Perfect also for a classroom treasure chest or motivational prize. Whenever you need something extra to add a little excitement to a child's day.

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