Friday, October 31, 2008

Another use for novelty hats!

Available at The Pointy Pencil... novelty hats!

Look what help they were for Halloween costumes!

*We saw a teacher who fell in love with the birthday hat and is going to rush to our store to get one for herself!

*Note Rudolph's nose... it blinks!
Quite a sight when it starts to get dark.

*Amaze your friend with an old-fashioned football helmet... you might get called a "leather-head".

We had a lot of fun with these hats tonight! Come in and try on one today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The GeoSafari Laptop

A friend of mine got this for her 11-year-old daughter
at The Pointy Pencil.

Her daughter said it was her favorite birthday present!

This is how the manufacturer describes it:

"Award Winner! GeoSafari Laptop is a fun interactive game of knowledge that incorporates award-winning GeoSafari lesson cards. Wild lights and sounds guide gameplay, track scores, and provide feedback. Adjustable time limits allow games to be customized, and three modes enable players to challenge themselves or a partner, or enjoy exciting head-to-head competition in pairs or teams. Compact, durable construction makes the GeoSafari Laptop perfect to take along on trips. One year warranty.

GeoSafari Laptop comes with 63 two-sided cards with over 2,000 question in 126 lessons designed for ages 8 and up. Includes 4 AA batteries.

10 Best Educational Products - Dr. Toy
Seal of Approval 2001 - The National Parenting Center
Best Classic Toys 2001 - Dr. Toy
Gold Seal Award - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio"

For classroom or family use...
perfect for learning AND having fun
(things we specialize in at The Pointy Pencil).

Note: For ages 8 and up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Papo figures

At The Pointy Pencil, you will find an exciting display of Papo figures.

These aren't your ordinary characters...
they are representations of actual people who made history.

Time periods accurately represented by those
dressed in their proper historical attire.
History brought to life!

For instance, there is a Gladiator, ready for battle...
Queen Elizabeth...
Horses, made to fit a specific character, (Napoleon's horse)...
And of course, Napoleon himself...
The detail is intricate, every durable piece carefully painted.
Stop in and see the varied selection
(cowboys/girls,soldiers, Indians, settlers, etc.).
We have what you need for that next historical school project.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Shipment of Melissa & Doug!

Stop in to The Pointy Pencil
and see all the latest in Melissa & Doug!

There's puzzles, crafts, games, toys, ...
all to help children learn through play.

Like, for instance, the puzzle (below) filled with latches.
Sure, it's fun, but did you know that you're 3-year-old(s)
will be learning their:
-AND developing their fine motor skills?

That's what The Pointy Pencil is all about.
Our specialty is making learning... and teaching... FUN!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Educational Action Figures

Aren't these wonderful?
Imagine the educated, imaginative play
that will accompany these figures.

At Planet Mind (a subsidiary of The Pointy Pencil)
you can find an assortment of figures...
perfect as a complement to your child's study
of real, historical men or women.

There's Leonardo da Vinci (Renaissance Man),
complete with easel and examples of his art.

Also... Albert Einstein, German-born physicist,
and winner of the Nobel Prize of Physics.

We have many more.
Come check out our selection and add it to your classroom...
or child's playroom...
any where kids are learning!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Planet Mind - Open for Business!

We have expanded!

The Pointy Pencil now has a sister store
(located 2 doors down from The Pointy Pencil)
called "Planet Mind".

Stop in and see all the latest toys and games
available in science and education.
We carry thunder-makers, life-sized stuffed creatures,
perfume-making kits, voice-sensitive lights, sparkle Floam,
and much, much more!
For your learning child... we have what you need!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catch that fish!

For about a dollar at The Pointy Pencil...
look what you can find!

Watch what happens to the fish as this girl
dangles her "fishing pole" above its mouth.

What fun we had playing with this "popping fish"
over and over again!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Moon In My Room"

Now, at The Pointy Pencil,
the ultimate gift for any child... the moon in their room!

Amazingly, by remote control, a child can control this very
realistic-looking moon in his/her own bedroom.

After checking the real moon outside, this moon can be
set to match the current phase of the moon!

Included is a CD audio tour for further explanation
of the moon's awesome cycles and phases...
a great tool for learning and fun!

Imagine the atmosphere this moon provides.
It could be that "inspiration piece" you've been searching for...
that "inspires" an entire space-themed room!