Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts

A dear friend of mine had a baby shower today.
Of course, I chose something for her baby from my favorite store...
The Pointy Pencil.

We carry a great selection of Baby Ganz items
for those new parents who want a "smart" plush.

These animals don't just look pretty,
they play 8 familiar tunes
(Oh Susannah, Yankee Doodle, etc.).

Or, you, or your baby, can plunk out your own tune
by pushing on each musical note.

Exciting musical toys for your baby at The Pointy Pencil...
your baby shower headquarters.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Giant Plush Animals

Best Sellers at Planet Mind!

We are selling the giant plush animals by Melissa and Doug like crazy!

There's a great selection to choose from
(turtles, dogs, penguins, etc.)!

Who can resist the giraffe?
(4 feet tall)

or the giant 40" chimp!

These liven up a classroom, playroom, or bedroom instantly
because of their size.

We're excited to serve you at Planet Mind
(our second location at the Kokomo Mall).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bulletin Board Idea

At the Pointy Pencil, we have everything you need
to update your reading bulletin board.

Title: Great Readers Are Popping Out Everywhere!"

Write your students names on the popped corn, (5"x5").

Each pack has 32 pieces: 16 boxes, 16 puffs.

Then, there's the perfect, realistic trimmer...
Finally, the Pointy Pencil has the perfect color paper...
just waiting to be custom-cut while you wait...
perfectly sized for YOUR bulletin board.

Imagine the popcorn against a bright yellow!

Reward your students in a way they'll LOVE to see!