Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Children's Travelling Bag

Recently our family, including all our munchkins, went on a 17-hour trek out west for a funeral. Since it was unexpected, we had little time to pack in an organized manner... everything was basically thrown hastily (and tightly) into our mini-van and we were off. We stopped quickly at our store on our way out of town and were given "Goodie Bags" for the kids by Becky, a treasured employee of our store. Here are a few things from "The Pointy Pencil" that she thought to give the kids... Along with this Doodle Pad, she provided crayons and (my girls' favorite) scented mechanical pencils (shown below). Becky, you are awesome! They were occupied for hours, (one doodled lakes and streams seen along the way, one designed fashion clothing, one drew Webkinz animals, one scribbled). We enjoyed happy moments in the middle of an emotionally trying trip.

View more Slice of Life stories with Stacey and Ruth at http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com/.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Umbrella Hat

Alright, truly, TRULY I'm thankful for the rain, but... we've got to be setting some sort of record here in Kokomo for rainfall. Kids' softball games are only so fun when your feet are covered in mud and your bottom is cold and wet on those bleachers. Here's a hat we sell at the "Pencil" for all those little ones who are dragged to an older sibling's softball game in this "Kokomo Rain". Sounds like a song title. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our new sign!

What could be more exciting to a store owner than getting a new custom-designed sign? We love it! The 3D pencils on our logo are hand-carved and set on a backdrop that looks like a chalkboard with wood trim. The designer is Patrick Clifford from "Signs Express" here in Kokomo, Indiana. He is truly an artist... come see his handiwork for yourself!

Designer Teacher Totes

I recently discovered these teacher totes (cHim-pouches) for myself. I fell in love with the stylish fabric and design, and have been amazed at their durability. So... we are now offering them at The Pointy Pencil! They are sized perfectly for larger books and supplies for teachers, but the possibilities for their use are endless... library bag, airline carry-on, diaper bag. The designer is from Michigan and she can custom design them for our clients according to their specifications (color, size,etc.). Come in and throw one over your shoulder... you'll see why they are a must-have for you or your favorite teacher!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Store T-Shirts

Coming soon to our store... trendy t-shirts! (Designed on Zazzle.com.) The front (above) will have our logo, and the back (shown below in navy), will have a graphic and our web address. Will post more pics later... maybe even a tee modeled on a store associate!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Melissa and Doug Toys

Here are some Melissa and Doug blocks that are a bestseller in our Kokomo store. Our ladies say that these fly off the shelves... a must-have for any children's play area. They feature wooden, durable pieces, bright colors, and stackable construction (perfect for building towers). Best of all... they're educational.

Any parent of a little boy understands the excitement that accompanies the sound of a fire engine. Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, my two-year-old son stops everything, becomes completely still, and yells, "Fire Truck!" This puzzle by Melissa and Doug features that same siren... every time the puzzle is completed! I love the wooden pieces with knobs... easy for those chubby little fingers to grasp.