Friday, August 8, 2008

Storage Solutions, Part I

How many of you start out each new school year vowing that
THIS year you will be more organized?

I would like to share some storage solutions that we offer
at The Pointy Pencil for better organization.

I will begin this series of blog posts with a teacher favorite:

Bulletin Board Storage Bag!

Now you can store your Fall bulletin board products neatly away to prepare for Christmas!

Your decorations will look crisp and fresh when you go to use them next year.

Next, we have a neat and easily-accessible way to store borders!

Border Storage

For those of you who like to have a wide variety of interesting borders, this product is for you.

(Note the way it rolls up... taking up so little space!)

I love the way that they can be stored neatly, keeping matching pieces together.

Get rid of that big plastic container that makes them all jumbled and crumpled!

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