Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I had an advertising exec. from the Kokomo Tribune at my home today.

She told me that her favorite game from the Pointy Pencil is Quiddler. Someone in her family introduced her to the game. She had so much fun playing, she rushed out to buy it for herself. According to her, our store is the only place in town to buy it. She bought it, played it with friends, and then they had to buy it also... it's hard to keep on our shelf!

A hit with young and old... a quicker and less intimidating version of Scrabble.

Here is a more detailed description:

Quiddler, the short word game - is a breakthrough in word games. Because short words, like 'at', 'is', 'of', 'ax','ow' and 'zoo' can lead to winning, readers of all ages can play and win. There are bonuses for both short and long words. You simply combine all the cards in your hand into words. The words don't have to be related and you don't play off other player's words. In the first round players get three cards, in the second round four cards, on up to 10 cards in the last round. Just words. Just fun.

Sounds like it'd even be fun in the classroom... quick, easy to understand... even affordable!

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