Thursday, August 14, 2008

Multiplication Wrap-Up Keys

I went out to eat with some of my mom-friends today. My friend, Heather, who homeschools her children, said she needed to stop in to The Pointy Pencil to get her daughter "Multiplication Keys".

Her fourth-grade daughter needs help memorizing her multiplication tables. These "Multiplication Keys" came highly recommended to Heather... a must-have for any child learning to multiply.

It makes learning fun!

Stop in at our mall location, or click on our website (link on the right), and type in "Multiplication Keys"... only $9.99!

Here is the product description from our website: A remarkable and effective learning tool, Learning Wrap-Ups are a self-correcting, hands-on method of learning fraction concepts. They utilize many learning senses and are fun enough that students use them over and over until they master each skill. Includes 10 Multiplication Wrap-up Keys and covers facts from 1 x 1 to 10 x 12. Wrap-ups are fun to use and are self-correcting.Grade: 2-6