Thursday, June 26, 2008

Magnetic Learning Systems

We are really excited to start carrying the Peter Parker Magnetic Learning System... an educator's dream come true! Now, each student can have their own magnetic wipe-off board with a set of markers and magnet tiles. There are larger magnets for teacher demonstration and smaller magnets for independent work.

Magnets are available in letters (red vowels, blue consonants), numbers, handwriting, shapes/colors, music, geography, sign language, Spanish, math, foods, photo nouns,... the list is endless!

The students can use the tri-fold (shown below), which can easily fold up and be stored in their desk. The dry-erase markers and magnetic tiles can be stored in pouches (for individual use) or color-coded cups (for classroom use).

Come in to The Pointy Pencil and check out the endless possibilities that are available with this learning system (including desk-sized easels and "Better-Than-A-Cookie-Sheet" boards). Think of the possibilities for large classroom use, homeschoolers, churches (Bible memorization?) and travelling in the car!

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