Monday, June 30, 2008

Dry Erase Paddle Sets

The Pointy Pencil now carries the Kwik Chek II Paddle Sets! These are two-sided dry erase boards for children... created by a teacher and proven in the classroom!

There is storage in the handle for a low-odor, non-toxic marker... so convenient!

Made out of durable plastic, these paddles will save teachers money by eliminating all the practice paper necessary to teach and reinforce concepts to students. The possibilities for use are endless... math, penmanship, art, music, spelling, etc. Stop in today and see them up close for yourself!

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Julia said...

Great to see you are now selling our products on your site! Maybe your readers would also enjoy our Inventor Mentor Blog at Let us know if you need any help with ideas about how to use KleenSlate products in the classroom.
Julia- the inventor