Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update those Classrooms! Part 3

We have a HUGE selection of themed bulletin board packets.

If you need inspiration... WOW! ... you'll find it at The Pointy Pencil!

Here are just a few of our themed sets.....
"We're Bananas about Books!"
(Includes 10 monkeys, 4 vine sections, 5 leaf and flower bunches, 36 bananas, and a resource guide. Monkey tails are designed to hang on vines. This is perfect for displaying student work!)

We're banans about books!

"Dress Me for the Weather"

(Frog with 31 articles of clothing and weather accents, a mini weather chart, 9 weather word cards, and a header. This is perfect all throughout the school year!)

Weather Frog

"Birthday Cakes"

(Included are 12 birthday cakes (12x11 inches each), 6 border strips, and a resource guide. This is all you'll need for that perfect way to attractively bring attention to the childrens' birthdays!)

Birthday Cakes
You will not believe how packed our shelves are with themed bulletin board sets. Stop in today and update your classroom with these great products!

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