Monday, July 14, 2008


Hello again... we are home from our vacation to Charleston, South Carolina, our favorite city in America!

We had an amazing time at the beach, the market, and all those wonderful deep-south restaurants... even though we were there for a sad occasion.

A dear friend of our family passed away and we were there to attend her funeral. She was young, age 33, and had a seven-year-old son.

We knew we would see her son, so we brought him four different scientific presents from The Pointy Pencil. He told us after he opened them all and played with them that his favorite one was the GobbledyGoop (only $2.99).

I think my favorite thing about our store is that I always find something interesting, something out of the ordinary, to give as a gift. He had never seen these science toys before... neither had his family.

After he received them, we saw him surrounded by his uncles, aunts, and cousins, proudly showing them off. It made us feel good to give it to him.

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