Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Children's Travelling Bag

Recently our family, including all our munchkins, went on a 17-hour trek out west for a funeral. Since it was unexpected, we had little time to pack in an organized manner... everything was basically thrown hastily (and tightly) into our mini-van and we were off. We stopped quickly at our store on our way out of town and were given "Goodie Bags" for the kids by Becky, a treasured employee of our store. Here are a few things from "The Pointy Pencil" that she thought to give the kids... Along with this Doodle Pad, she provided crayons and (my girls' favorite) scented mechanical pencils (shown below). Becky, you are awesome! They were occupied for hours, (one doodled lakes and streams seen along the way, one designed fashion clothing, one drew Webkinz animals, one scribbled). We enjoyed happy moments in the middle of an emotionally trying trip.

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Anonymous said...

Where's your Slice of Life post you linked on our site? Couldn't locate it.


Marcie said...

This particular post is my Slice of Life... a look at our life during an unexpected trip to SD.

BK said...

It's interesting to focus on the realities of the trip. I'm sure the experience was not an easy one but there's the family realities, always.

GirlGriot said...

How nice to get those goodie bags, that someone would step up to ease a stressful and sad time.

(And I want to get my hands on some scented mechanical pencils!)


Kevin said...

Scented pencils?
Nobody got one stuck up their nose? I only ask, as a father of three young boys.