Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lesson Plan Books

Make planning easier with our great selection of Lesson Plan Books!

Here are just two of the many choices we have at The Pointy Pencil.

The Ultimate Planner with:
four-year calendar and list of holidays,
plenty of room to write,
add'l forms, tips and free ideas online!

This is the creme de la creme of lesson plan books...
even including reproducible forms like:
behavior documentation,
parent-teacher conference reports,
parent-communication log,
progress reports,
and much, much more!!!!

(This one is MY personal favorite...
the teacher tips alone make it worth every penny!)

We also have a more basic planner,
with lots of room to write and plan for each week.

Also, with extra info, like:
3 year calendar,
seating charts,
long-term planning,
and special events.

We have many more to choose from...
ranging from $7.99-$14.95.

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