Friday, December 19, 2008

The Perfect Group Game!

At the Pointy Pencil, we carry many, MANY varieties of J-I-N-G-O (educational Bingo with a theme). Themes include: seasonal, math, science, religious, holiday, etc.

It is the perfect game for a large group (up to 30 people)..
a perfect combination of learning and fun.

Today, I was the mom in charge of games at my daughter's 5th grade class Christmas party. I brought in "Merry Christmas J-I-N-G-O".

Align Center
We used red and green M&M's for our markers. It was SO fun! The kids really enjoyed reading the clues outloud to their classmates. Each child who got a J-I-N-G-O (5 in a row) received a pack of gum.

The clues were so interesting, they made the kids think.
For instance,
"The Christmas flower is... the Poinsettia,"
"Hans Brinker wore these... silver skates."

Stop in and pick up your Christmas J-I-N-G-O today...
a great game for those large family gatherings.
For ages 3 to 100!

You'll be smiling with children this holiday when you play this game!

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