Thursday, April 24, 2008

Paper by the yard

This may not be earth-shattering information, but to those of us who decorate bulletin boards, the idea of custom-cut paper is awesome! Paper...measured, cut, bound neatly, and even wrapped in plastic if it's raining!

Am I the last one to know this kind of convenience exists? I'm the fool who still thought I had to re-use the paper underneath last winter's decorations... or else buy an entire roll of paper, just for one small piece.

Last week, I tried out this unique service for myself. Becky (above) measured and cut a beautiful piece of blue-green paper...only what I needed.

I'm off to decorate a spring/summer bulletin board for my K-1st grade class at church. I'll show more pics later...


cHimprints said...

You aren't alone! I didn't know that bulletin board paper could be custom cut. Great idea.

Stacey at Two Writing Teachers said...

I have a former colleague who used wallpaper... lasted for years. :)

Jen Barney said...

Hi Marcie-

Thanks so much for linking me. I will do the same with you. Regarding coming to your store to do a workshop- it sounds wonderful. What dates are you looking at? Let me know and we could go from there!

Love your blog title!